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Training modules for the Environmental Sector

Any of these can be incorporated into a Training Day or Course along with other themes of your choice

1.  Introduction to ethnic environmental participation - awareness raising module for trustees, senior managers or project staff.
2.  Outreach, facilitation of contact, and support for ethnic groups.
3.  Engaging with ethnic young people.
4.  Managing and working with diversity.
5.  Introducing sustainable development to ethnic communities.
6.  Developing partnerships with ethnic community organisations.
7.  Multicultural interpretation and access to heritage.
8.  Designing programmes of outdoor activities to introduce environmental issues.
9.  Developing socio-cultural elements in activity programmes targeted at ethnic groups.
10.  Coming face-to-face with different cultures and religions.
11.  Access to nature at large.
12.  Development of engagement with ethnic communities through the context of community development.
13.  Ethical funding and ethical policy.
14.  Developmental socio-cultural research targeted at ethnic communities.
15.  Consulting ethnic communities.
16.  Addressing issues around funding and resourcing ethnic participation.
17.  Using the arts to explore issues with ethnic groups.
18.  Ethnic issues around working with the press and media.
19.  Developing and distributing communication materials aimed at ethnic groups.
20.  Organising events to create a setting for the exploration of culture and environment.

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