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Ethnic participation in the context of multi-cultural Britain

Britain's diverse society is made up of people from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Vikings, English, Romans, Dutch, Flemish, Scots, French and quite recently Jews, Africans, Afro-Carribeans, Chinese, Irish and people from the Indian sub-continent, have all contributed to this rich diversity. Although there are many generations of settled communities in Britain, for those at present described as 'ethnic minorities', there are urgent issues of discrimination and social exclusion.

Black Environment Network (BEN) uses the words 'ethnic communities' to describe these sections of the British community because the terminology is more positive and because in many localities ethnic groups form the majority of the population.

Discrimination and social exclusion based on ethnicity precipitate heavy consequences in economic and social terms. Our present government is committed to more effective social inclusion and equal opportunity policies so that it is increasingly important for organisations to move towards acquiring the necessary awareness and skills to reach out and work effectively with ethnic communities.

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